domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

Ball Street (1988)

A sexy stock market scandal is about to explode! The police are
questioning voluptuous Mrs. Addison (Jamie Summers), the wife of a
Wall Street broker who been using the delicious services of wanton
call girls to manipulate the market.

As this torrid tale unfolds, we get a luscious look at what makes
Dow-Jones Averages spurt! Amorous Amber Lynn works her
outrageous techniques on an investor who gives her his all! Then,
the double-whammy of fiery Elle Rio and naughty Nikki Dee steamrolls
a bawdy broker. But who has the most to gain when the scandal
hits the front page of the Wall Street Journal? Find out in this
sizzling expose of erotic insider trading.

mercado de valores, quieres ver a los mas grandes zorros del comercio, ven y disfruta de esta excitante films.

Scene 1. Shanna McCullough, Tom Byron
Scene 2. Jamie Summers, Peter North
Scene 3. Billy Dee, Elle Rio, Nikki Knight
Scene 4. Jacqueline Lorians, Peter North
Scene 5. Amber Lynn, Frank James
Scene 6. Robert Bullock, Renee Morgan


jueves, 12 de marzo de 2015

Sorority Sweethearts (1983)

Director: Paul Vatelli

Starring: Bridgette Monet, Lisa De Leeuw, Linda Shaw, Herschel Savage, Marc Wallice.

Ever wonder what goes on in a sorority house filled with beautiful, young coeds? You’ll think You’re dreaming when you get a long, sensual look at all lusty lessons learned in every part of the house, including the bathtub! Cindy is the last of the virgins and there’s no holds barred to get her de-flowered in the best possible way. It’s a houseful of steamy excitement when Cindy, the girls, and their obliging lovers celebrate the occasion with the most explosive simultaneous orgasm ever experienced on film!

Te has preguntado alguna vez que pasa en una casa de chicas, cuando ya todas son experimentadas y solo hay una virgen, entonces ellas traman su mejor desflorecimiento, un film lleno de lujuria y placer, excelente para amantes del buen porno de inicio de los 80s.

puntuacion : 3.5



sábado, 10 de enero de 2015

Battle Of Superstars Annette Haven Vs. Bridgette Monet

Country: USA
Language: English
Distributor: Caballero Video
Director: Unknown (Compilation)
Starring: Annette Haven, Bridgette Monet...

Description: Who's the hottest, most erotic sex stars in porn now you'll find out. You will be the judge, you'll decide! The most famous porn stars compete in one on one competitions, performing the sex acts that made them famous, made them notorious blow jobs, anal fucking, gang bangs, they do them all competing for your vote!

Quien es la mas caliente, tu eres el juez, tu la eliges, es una competicion mano a mano, entre estas 2 estrellas porno, buenas mamadas, sexo anal, grupal, todo para ganarse tu voto, empieza el juego estas listo.



lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2014

Vromiki Parea 1983


Plot: In the countryside of Nick and his wife, Nora, come three friends, a woman and two men. Along with the maid, the Marietta, and the gardener go from bed to bed in the evening of her birthday Nora. Then appears with a gay escort and a local fisherman

A las afueras de la ciudad Nick y su esposa Nora, tienen 3 amigos, una mujer y 2 hombres, juntos con la sirvienta y el jardinero, hacen de las suyas durante el cumpleaños de Nora, buenas escenas incluye escena GAY, al final termina con una excelente orgia.

puntuacion: 3.5 (raro)


lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2014

Innocence Impudique (1981)

lenguaje: frances

Excelente clasico frances, donde en una casa todo puede pasar, disfrutar y ver los placeres en esta mansion, trios, orgias, muy buena combinacion del porno europeo, solo para conocedores

Excellent French classic, in a house where everything can happen , enjoy and see the pleasures in this mansion , threesomes , orgies , very good combination of European porn , only for connoisseurs

Excellente clasico français, dans une maison où tout peut arriver , apprécier et voir les plaisirs dans ce manoir , triolisme , partouzes , très bonne combinaison de porn européenne , seulement pour les connaisseurs

Puntuacion: 4


martes, 9 de diciembre de 2014

Il Vizio Preferito Di Mia Moglie (1988)

Il Vizio Preferito Di Mia Moglie (1988) (Upgrade)
Director: Giorgio Grand
Language: Italian
Country: Italy
Mins: 01:17:39

Lilli Carati
Rocco Siffredi
Lady Godiva
Tracey Adams
Cristina Colecchia
Don Azt
Scott Irish
Christoph Clark
Mike Horner
Joy Karins
Richard Voisin

Excelente clasico italiano, combinado con figuras norteamericano del porno ochentero, recomendada para fanaticos de rocco sifredi, tracey adams, una mujer con un vicio tremendo, chantajea a todos, al final una hermosa orgia, hace el deleite de esta pelicula.

"Il Vizio preferito di mia moglie" is a story of seduction and blackmail masterminded by Lilli Carati, who lives in the same mansion all of Double G's films are set (most likely his own, or the producers?). After talking to herself for a while, Lilli picks a Dick from the phone book and meets with him in the park. This guy certainly dresses like a private eye and gets an advance payment au Naturel. Here director Double G. shows his diversity: they start kissing in close up on a park bench and seamlessly jump cut to a bedroom scene.

puntuacion: 5 puntos


miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

Fantasmi al castello (1994)

lenguaje: español

Buen film italiano, doblado al español, veras unos amigos que encentran un castillo para pasar el rato, los recibe un amigable señor, pero el cual les dice que hay fantasmas muy especiales, veras que les pasara a cristopher clark y compañia en su aventura en este espeluznante castillo donde lo sexual se mezcla con la naturaleza de la europa de 1800...disfruta.

Directed by: Joe D'Amato

Written by: Joe D'Amato

Cast: Dina Pearl, Katia Cargo, Kristina Soderszk, Tina Latour

Two vacationing couples who decide to stay in a lovely castle for the night rather than some hotel. With the benefit of 29 cents worth of dry ice, two ghost couples appear to them, and with four to a bed Joe takes it from there. The final scene has guest ghost Roberto Malone ejaculating onto a piece of toast which he dutifully feeds to his bleached-blonde tourist partner. In the trade that's known as a Continental Breakfast.



martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014

Fluffer (1993)

lenguaje: ingles

Has escuchado hablar de ellas, las calentadoras, las que estan detras de la escena, una increible pelicula que da a conocer a las chicas que le ponen a punto a los tios que grabaran la escena, imperdible.


Brittany O'Connell, Chris Collins, Crystal Wilder, Nicole London, Samantha York, Ariana
Fat Dog

You've heard about them, the ladies behind the scenes who help the male cast members get it up and ready for action. Well you're about to meet one with a lot of talent. In fact, she's so creative that she just might become a star. See all the fun filled action in front of and behind the camera in this classic, The Fluffer


domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Supergirls Do The Navy (1984)

lenguaje: ingles

Unete a este grupo de chicas en su viaje a la marina abordo de un submarino, con una tripulacion muy caliente.

An undersea tale of three college girls on an extra credit assignment. It's "Panties Away" as three gorgeous coeds spend their summer aboard a submarine - and discover it's not the only thing to go down! Between these college cuties and the oversexed crew, they manage to have a whale of a time!

Cast: Kristara Barrington, Raven, Taija Rae, Carol Cross, Susan Nero, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas, Dick Howard, Frank Serrone, George Payne, David Scott

Director: Henri Pachard


martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

China And Silk (1984)

Quieres jugar al agente y la busqueda implacable por atrapar ladrones o quizas otra cosa, ve esta pelicula y veras a las mas ardientes ladronas, recomendada para todos los fanaticos de los 80s.

You want to play the agent and the relentless pursuit to catch thieves or maybe something else, go and see this movie the most ardent thieving, recommended for all fans of 80s.

Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Jerome Bronson/Steve Scott
Distributor: Miracle Films 
Starring: Harry Reems, Kristara Barrington, Ginger Lynn 
Herschel Savage, Susan Hart, Cara Lott
Paul Barresi, Eric Edwards, Paul Thomas
Colleen Brennan, Tawny Mason, Mike Motion
Peter North, Gina Carrera, Debbie Northrup
Debra Lynn, Ken Starbuck


lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

Up in the Air (1984)

Sexo en los aires, si te gustaria viajar en un avion sexual, entonces vamos en este avion, disfruta de un excelente clasico

Sex in the air, if you would like to travel on a sexual plane, then we in this plane, enjoys an excellent classic

puntuacion : 3